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(Darken your lashes with a special lash dye. Instant color is deposited into your lashes. Creating darker and younger looking lashes.)
$35 $25
(Semi-curl of the lashes. Great for men with straight, down growing
$55 $35
(Eyelash extensions applied to your lashes. Short, very thin lashes applied throughout the lash line adding thickness, length and definition to the eye. Compliments natural shape of eye. Approximately 40 lashes per eye applied.)
$70 $45
(Touch-ups recommended every 2 weeks to maintain the fullness and shape of the lash extensions.)
$45 $35


Uni (Wax the center) $8 $5
Shape (Includes wax and trim) $25 $15
Tint (Includes wax and trim) $30 $20


Nose $15 $10
Ear $15 $10
Shoulders $20 $15
Neck $12 $8
Back (Full) $50 $35
Back (Partial) $35 $25
Chest (Full) $50 $35
Chest (Partial) $35 $25

Your Appointment

Our men’s grooming services are tailored to fit a man’s style and look. We want to make you look polished and younger, not like a woman. In order to make you more comfortable your appointment is made in strict confidentiality, not spoken about in front of anyone. Your service will be done in a private individual treatment room, where your technician will go over a consultation with you. Once your service is over we will check you out and on your way.